The CDANZ Waiata: Te Wharenui He Mohiotanga

The CDANZ Waiata, Te Wharenui He Mohiotanga was commissioned by Tui Needham from Teriu Lemon in 2011.

Teriu Lemon agreed to write a waiata for koha and a collaborative process began. An ad hoc committee of CDANZ members was formed; basically those who responded to the call for help (Tui Needham, Megan Smith, Sam Young, Ivan Tava and Hana Seumanu-Ikenasio). Tui extends her gratitude to this committee, for their contributions and support throughout the whole process. She valued their recommendations, creative input and guidance through to the approval stage, in finalising the sound, format and content.

The challenge for Teriu was to create a waiata with strong concepts that characterised CDANZ, rather than attempting to convey specific messages. Teriu achieved this by capturing the spirit of CDANZ through the expression of core values that overarch the organisation. He also kept the arrangement simple with an upbeat tempo which is exactly what we wanted.

About Teriu Lemon MACGD (Dist), MusDip.

Teriu Lemon graduated with a double Master of Arts in Computer Graphic Design (Highest Distinction). He also holds an Executive Diploma in Jazz Performance and Composition, which plays a major role in his work with digital installation performance. Teriu is currently engaged in a PhD and his interests are in the development of creative and spiritual experiential learning. His past experience includes teaching music, song writing, recording, touring and live television shows as a session musician.


The waiata is available in the following formats:

    • Music Score, so we can sing the waiata correctly, or or play an instrument to accompany the waiata.
    • Lyrics, so we all know the right words.
    • Mp3, to listen to and sing along with.