Download the full CDANZ Competency Framework.

Core Competencies

A Core Competency is defined by "The skills, knowledge, and attitudes that all career development practitioners require regardless of their employment setting. In some work settings core competencies may be sufficient to deliver the range of services provided. Other work settings may require service providers with competency in one or more of the specialty areas."

[Canadian] National Steering Committee for Career Development Guidelines and Standards, 2004

The core competencies are grouped into seven broad categories, specifically:

  1. Career Development Theory
  2. Professional Practice Management
  3. Professional Practice Application
  4. Technology, Information and Resources
  5. Advanced Communication Skills
  6. Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  7. Culture and Diversity

The core competencies, although numbered, have equal value. There is no hierarchy intended and no area is seen as more or less important than any others. All competency areas are important in providing comprehensive career development services.

Areas of Specialisation

These competencies recognise the advanced knowledge and skills some career development practitioners require in areas of specialisation. Specialisations defined in this document are:

  • Apply counselling skills
  • Working with people with disabilities
  • Design and deliver career development programmes
  • Undertake Research
  • Contribute to and/or develop policy
  • Provide Supervision
  • Deliver Organisational Career Development

Competencies have several applications:

  • For members, the competencies give a comprehensive overview of the skills, knowledge and experience expected from professional members, and identify where gaps may be and where development can be directed.
  • For future members, applications for Full and Professional Membership require submission of a Competency Statement and Practice Study.
  • For training providers, the competencies give a clear guide on course content.
  • For CDANZ CPD provision, the competencies identify the focus of Continuing Professional Development for members
  • For clients, the competencies give a clear guideline of the skills, knowledge and experience that they can expect of a CDANZ Full, Professional or Fellow Member.
  • Framework for Alternative Pathways, the competencies give a comprehensive framework of what competencies required to gain entry to professional membership, and a framework for qualification development.