Why choose a career in career development?

Career Development is a young and rapidly growing field perfect for people who enjoy helping and supporting others. As people benefit from career support across the width and breadth of their lives careers work is full of variety and challenge.

There are opportunities to work in private practice, as a contractor or as an employee. There are opportunities to develop your practice by pursuing specialisations or changing to work with a different client group.

Career Development sits in the intersection between education, health and business. As such career professionals have the ability to affect real change for their clients, their communities and the country.

For a description of the Career Consultant role, follow this link to the Careers New Zealand website: Career Consultant job information.

How to become a Career Professional

The most direct pathway to working as a career professional is to undertake a career specific qualification.

Career Specific Qualitifications currently available in New Zealand

This list is provided as a resource only. CDANZ does not currently endorse providers or qualifications offered.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

Otago Polytechnic

Capable NZ - a school of Otago Polytechnic

For people who already have significant skills and knowledge from work the above two Careers qualifications are offered through Capable NZ i.e. your existing capability, gained through years of work and life experience, is assessed against an actual qualification and you can get academic credit for what you already know and can do.

And also offered are the following qualifications that can have a Career Practice specialisation:

Career Specific Qualitifications no longer available

Careerforce (formerly SSITO)

  • National Diploma in Employment Support (Level 6)

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

CDANZ recognises the below qualifications as Career-Specific Qualifications but they are no longer offered.

  • AUT - Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Career Development
  • AUT - Master of Career Development
  • Two 30-point career development papers in a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) endorsed qualifications

There are a number of Australian qualifications that New Zealanders can study online at domestic rates.

Alternative pathways into career development

There are many practitioners who move into careers after working in allied fields. For example a teacher may move into a careers role within a school, an HR professional may choose to specialise in outplacement, a youth worker might decide to specialise in supporting NEETs into work or further training. CDANZ recognises the wealth of experience these practitioners bring to their work from related fields. Through our alternative pathway you may now apply for CDANZ membership with a qualification in a People-Related Field providing that you can also evidence your competency against the CDANZ Competency Framework.

Joining CDANZ as an Affiliate and attending our branch and professional development events is a great way to develop your career competencies before applying for Full Membership.