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$230m Apprenticeship Boost extension to benefit around 38,000 apprentices

The Apprenticeship Boost has been extended to the end of December 2023. Apprenticeship Boost supports employers to keep early-stage apprentices and to hire new ones. Apprenticeship training helps to meet the strong demand for skilled tradespeople across Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Te Pūkenga Kōtui Kōrero - May 2022

Te Pūkenga13 May 2022 Kia ora koutou, Kei aku huia kaimanawa hurinoa, nei rā te mihi o ngākau e rere atu nei

Much of what we do and talk about now focuses on our future operating model which outlines how we will operate, and the core functions needed to deliver on our purpose. It also includes our organisational structure – so it’s not surprising that it is so eagerly anticipated.

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Diversity Sessions: Fixing the Career Ladder’s Broken Rung

New Zealand’s changed demographics and the talent shortages facing many industries mean our organisations are recruiting for diversity by default. They need to bring diverse groups into their workplace to achieve business outcomes. But if those recruits get trapped at the bottom levels of our organisations, unable to even progress to a team leader or supervisor role, that diverse talent is not distributed throughout our workplaces, leaving our businesses and our economy unable to unlock the strategic advantages of an inclusive culture.

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Exploring the lived experience of Pacific youth in shaping their career

Exploring the lived experience of Pacific youth in shaping their career How to build a culturally responsive career practice exploring the lived experience of Pacific youth.

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Diversity Sessions: Reimaging binary workplaces

The way that we understand gender is constantly changing. For the first time, the 2019/2020 Household Economic Survey enabled New Zealanders to select a non-binary gender option, and the BDMRR (Births, Death, Marriage and Relationship Recognition) bill was also passed last year, allowing non-binary gender identification on birth certificates.

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