Career development is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that recognises the inseparability of work and life. In this course, students will critically examine the origins of foundational career theories and evolving contemporary career development theories. Attention will be on the cultural and contextual origins of early theories, and the clients for whom they applied. Contemporary theories will be examined against rapid economic and technological change and the relevance of career development to diverse groups and societies. Students will also be asked to critically evaluate the application of theoretical frameworks in a career-related practice setting. Consideration of the influence traditional theories maintain in current career practice, and the role of the career professional in challenging mainstream career theories will be a focus. It is assumed that for this course, students will have access to a career-related practice setting in which they are able to examine and apply concepts and issues, studied in this course.

This brand-new postgraduate (Level 8) course will be taught in Semester 1, 2022 on the AUT City campus. Student’s may enroll in a range of programmes with this course, including:

Master of Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Master of Education Practice

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If you require further information, please contact:

Samira Saraf – Student Administrator (Postgraduate)


Dr Lynette Reid – Course co-ordinator