Although we had hoped that Lauren Hughes would take up the new General Manager position or stay on in her current role as National Development Manager, she has decide to move on from CDANZ. The National Executive and I am sure the Association members will be sad to see her go.  Lauren came to us in March 2015 after management roles in performing arts and events. Lauren has taken on the role of CDANZ National Development Manager with great aplomb and has been an incredible asset to the association over the 6 1/2 years that she has been with us. Lauren is heeding the call of the arts once again and will be re-prioritising her time to complete her Masters in Art Therapy and further develop the creative space she manages in her home town of Te Kauwhata. Lauren will conclude her contract at the end of September. As the current President and I am sure on behalf of the Presidents that have worked with Lauren before me and all the National Executive Committees, Branch Committees, Members, MOU Partners, Affiliates and Guest of CDANZ thank you your dedication and hard work we wish you well, 

Aroha nui

We have invited Lauren to write a farewell and reflection here...

It feels like just moments ago that I was interviewed by then President and VP, Kaye Avery and Val O'Reilly. I confess I knew little of career development at the time but I sensed the warmth and drive of the people who make up this Association. It is that energy, aroha and strong social compass that has propelled me through five presidents, five National Conference / Symposia, 20th Anniversary celebrations, two CareerX events, three NZ Occupational Rehabilitation Conferences (with a 4th this month), countless webinars and communications, the National Forum for Lifelong Career Development (NFLCD) and subsequent advocacy initiatives,  implementation of CDANZ Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways and most recently the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and website. What a journey!
As I set out on a new people-centred profession I am acutely aware of how much I have learned in my time at CDANZ that I can transfer, adapt and expand on in my next chapter - the principles of ethical practice, practice management skills, cultural competency, communication skills, insights into supervision, research processes and agencies, the value of local, national and international landscapes, peer and stakeholder groups and more. Thank you for all I have learned alongside you, and from you. 
I have met many inspiring people along the way; members, speakers, sponsors, partners, educators, stakeholders and more. I cannot thank you all individually but would like to make special mention of some of the people who have truly shaped my time at CDANZ:

  • Kaye Avery for taking a chance on me, and for you ongoing inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Caroline Sandford, Val O'Reilly and Amanda Smidt for your wayfinding and staying the course
  • Jean Ottley and Merrie McDougall for your huge hearts and immense patience editing ezines and articles
  • Sam Young and Andrew Tui for your effervescence, technological know-how and palpable love of what you do
  • Robyn Bailey for your grace, wisdom and clarity
  • Jennie Miller for your friendship, work ethic and feisty tenacity
  • Koa Saxby for always having my back, and your quiet, diligent attention to detail at all times
  • The branch leaders and committee members I have come to know
  • Our international guests I have had the privilege to work with - the CDAA team, Tristam Hooley, Mary McMahon, Peter McIlveen, Ryan Duffy, Michael Arthur, Robert Neault, Ronald Sultana, Jenny Bimrose, Nancy Arthur, Gillian Kelly, Tannis Goddard, Dierdre Hughes, Sareena Hopkins
  • All the other National Executive Members I have served - Shane Heasley, Gabrielle O;Connell, Trish Handley, Pip Jamieson, Lis Whyte, Kathryn Scott, Ronica Sami, Pat Cody, Jo Davies, Paula Stenberg
  • And this current National Executive Committee - Heather Lowery-Kappes, Hana Lambert, Denise Raymond, Paula Rewi, Robyn Cannell, Yvonne Gaut, Cherie Perrow and Serena Tiaiti for your support with my own career development and your conviction, leading the Association boldly into the future

I still have a few more precious weeks with the CDANZ team and look forward to seeing some of you online next week at NZORC.  One of the things I love most about CDANZ is how you are everywhere, in every sector of work, society and the community. For that reason I know our paths will cross again. You are most welcome to stay in touch via Linkedin or my personal email - I'd be grateful for any Linkedin endorsements or recommendations you may feel appropriate as I brave a new world. 

Noho ora mai rā,

Nā Lauren