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The biennial New Zealand Occupational Rehabilitation Conference (NZORC) is a one day event designed for vocational consultants and others involved in helping clients obtain employment through rehabilitation and supported employment. Drawing on the latest research and leading practice the event promotes cross disciplinary co-operation, professional development and aspirational thinking within the sector. Due to current Covid restrictions the 2021 event will be delivered online via Zoom.

We are delighted to host this event in partnership with ACC. ACC representatives will speak on:

  • Acc & Kaupapa Māori services
  • ACC Back to Work service & response to CDANZ member survey
  • Vocational rehabilitation and legal implications

The programme

Our presenters this year will offer kaupapa Māori insights and diverse perspectives on the work we do, challenging us all to consider what evidence based practice looks like when working with different client groups in Aotearoa.

You will see our fabulous presenters will be aligning with many elements of the CDANZ Competency Framework, offering valuable CPD opportunities for a broad range of career professionals, not just those working in vocational rehabilitation.

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Speaker: Alannah Marriott

A Te Tiriti based approach

CDANZ Competency 6.1, 6.2

CDANZ aspires to be a Te Tiriti-based organisation and Alannah Marriott is guiding us on this journey of change. This session will mark first of several member hui where we will begin to explore what our association, practice and profession could look like through a Te Tiriti lens, and how this might help us achieve our vision of excellence in career development for all Aotearoa.

Alannah Marriott (Te Whanau a Ruataupare, Te Whanau a Rakairoa – Ngati Porou)

Alannah began her career teaching Kura Kaupapa Māori, then spent time working as a career consultant at Career Services Rapuara. Since 1998 she has worked extensively with iwi, public, private and community sectors through her business SWITCH Trainers and Consultants Ltd.

Alannah hides out in the Ohiwa Harbour with her husband and children, where playing the drums, digging the garden and harvesting kai keeps her grounded.

Speaker: Taima Fagaloa

What we can learn from Tupu Aotearoa, Pacific Employment Advisory Services

CDANZ Competency 7.1, 7.2, S.2

Previously known as the Pacific Employment Support Service (PESS), Tupu Aotearoa connects Pacific people with local providers who will support you to access work or learning opportunities on your journey to employment, further training or study. Life Unlimited is a Wellington based provider of Tupu Aotearoa specialising in the support of Pacific people with disability. In this presentation Life Unlimited’s Tupu Aotearoa Project Lead Taima Fagaloa will reflect upon the programme and draw from her vast experience in the health and disability sector, sharing tools and perspectives to enable you to better support clients who are Pasifika, and/or live with disability.

Taima Fagaloa

In addition to her role at Life Unlimited, Taima is currently a Board Member of the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand. Originally trained as a social worker, Taima gained her Masters in Applied Social Science Research, followed by a PhD in Pacific Leadership in the Public Sector. Taima has held many education, strategy, management and governance roles in the public and NGO space including over a decade as Director and Director Pacific Peoples at Capital and Coast DHB.

Speaker: Dr Helen Lockett

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) evidence-based practices in employment support in a New Zealand context.

CDANZ Competency 1.1, 3, S.2

IPS is a well-defined approach to employment support for people with mental health conditions. Internationally, IPS employment support programmes make a large positive difference to the likelihood of employment, when compared to what would have occurred in the absence of the programme, regardless of economic conditions. In 2019 Helen completed her PhD examining how to futher improve the effectiveness of IPS employment programmes in New Zealand and overseas. She is now one of the world’s leading researchers in the IPS approach and provides policy advice for government agencies, the OECD and NGOs across New Zealand.

In this presentation Helen will introduce IPS in a New Zealand context with specific reference to its application in vocational rehabiliation and supported employment.

Dr Helen Lockett

Helen started her career as an employment specialist in the UK but has been in New Zealand for the past decade. Helen’s passion for making a difference is evident in the work she does within the health and welfare sectors. In addition to her research and advocacy in the IPS space, she is also an international associate for the Centre for Mental Health (UK). Other strategic work includes leadership of the Equally Well initiative since 2014.

Highly skilled at translating evidence into practice for organisations and practitioners, she enjoys seeing the positive benefits that employment brings for people and communities.

Workshop Presenter: Sally Dellow

The importance of language for inclusion

CDANZ Competency 7.1, 7.2 (This session will be recorded)

The presentation will outline a brief history of trans identities in European cultures, and then contrast that with trans experiences in indigenous cultures. The talk will summarise the impacts this has had on the trans community and provide a few ideas for building rapport with trans clients.

Sally Dellow

Sally Dellow is a Department Manager at GNS Science and represents the trans community on the Rainbow Wellington Board.

Workshop Presenter: Leisa Moorhouse

Using whakataukī (proverb) cards to inspire career conversations

CDANZ Competency 5.1, 5.2, 6.2

He Kete Whakataukī is a tool to aid focused conversations using Māori narratives and values. This workshop introduces He Kete Whakataukī as a tool to help draw out and utilise client strengths and resources to inspire career conversations. He Kete Whakataukī contains 30 beautiful whakataukī cards in addition to a booklet with possible prompts to guide dialogue which draws on the imagery and ideas contained in each proverb. In this workshop Leisa will demonstrate how this tool may be used to guide career conversations, utilising the wisdom and narratives of whakataukī for innovative and accessible dialogue, in a way that resonates with Māori and non-Māori.

Leisa Moorhouse (Ngāpuhi)

Leisa Moorhouse (Ngāpuhi) is an experienced Registered Social Worker, Educator and Contractor. Her interest in ethical, authentic and competent practice, coupled with her desire to support practitioners to ground their work in cultural values lead to the development of this resource.

World Tableau Guest: Gray Poehnell

Crafting a Better Story though Hope-filled Engagement

CDANZ Competency 1.1, 1.2, 5 (This session will be recorded)

Crafting a better story through hope-filled engagement is an essential skill in today’s chaotic world of life and work. As we interact with people, we are not just dealing with them and their circumstances but also with their inner stories (conscious or unconscious) through which they are viewing their world. Because of their life circumstances, the story that far too many people follow is one of hopelessness, one that implies that there is no point in really trying. The session will explore how we approach life/career counselling in a way that assists people to be hopeful and intentional about the life-long process of crafting a story of hope, a story that can sustain and guide them as they explore all their potential on their life/career journey.

Gray Poehnell

Gray Poehnell is an experienced life/career consultant with over 31 years experience working with diverse clients and students. Gray is of Metis descent and is committed to supplementing mainstream career approaches by addressing the increasing need for a diversity of tools and concepts that are easily accessible to increasingly diverse populations. He has focused on holistic, inclusive approaches that cultivate hope, accessibility, journey, story, practical spirituality, creativity, and imagination. Gray is widely recognized for his dynamic training of life/career practitioners both nationally and internationally. Through books, workshops, conference sessions, and keynotes, to present these approaches to several thousand life/career practitioners who work with diverse client groups, such as Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, youth, social assistance recipients, older adults, immigrants/refugees, corrections inmates, and even professionals. Gray was the 2012 recipient of the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Counselling and Career Development for excellence in career development in Canada.

Speaker: Sam Hack

Legal Implications of vocational rehabilitation and occupational assessment

CDANZ Competency 3, 4, S.2

In this presentation Sam will talk through recent cases where occupational assessments have been discussed in court. Who won? What are the implications for vocational assessors? What can we learn?

Sam Hack

Sam Hack is the Solictor for ACC and a favourite guest at NZORC. Sam provides legal advice and training, and instructs external counsel in ACC litigation – reviews, District Court and High Court.

The schedule





Zoom room open – come in and get comfortable, ready for a 9am start


Welcome from CDANZ

Opening karakia

CDANZ waiata


Heather Lowery-Kappes,

Lauren Hughes,

Paula Rewi,

& Paul Fennessy


ACC and Kaupapa Māori services

Turei Ormsby


A Te Tiriti based approach

Alannah Marriott


Morning tea break


What we can learn from Tupu Aotearoa, Pacific Employment Advisory Services

Taima Fagaloa


Individual Placement and Support (IPS) evidence-based practices in employment support in a New Zealand context

Dr Helen Lockett


Lunch break


ACC Back To Work Service & response to CDANZ member survey

Jennifer Linney

& Laura Power




The importance of the language of inclusion

Sally Dellow


Using whakataukī cards to inspire career conversations

Leisa Moorhouse


Afternoon Tea


Motivation, hope and a better story for your clients

Gray Poehnell


Vocational Rehabilitation & legal implications

Sam Hack


Close of day, karakia

Heather Lowery-Kappes,

Lauren Hughes,

Paula Rewi,

& Paul Fennessy,


Event concludes

Prices incl GST

Due to Covid restrictions we made the difficult decision on 1 /9/2021 to deliver the event entirely online. IN support of members at this difficult time we reduced the fees accordingly:

  • CDANZ Member (Student, Full, Professional, Fellow & Life) - $200+GST
  • CDANZ Affiliate - $215+GST
  • Non-Member - $270+GST
  • MOU Partner Rate - $240+GST

This event was originally prices as follows:

  • CDANZ Member (Student, Full, Professional, Fellow & Life)
    • $243.80 Early Bird, $305.90 Standard after 21 August
  • CDANZ Affiliate
    • $279.45 Early Bird, $320.85 Standard after 21 August
  • Non-Member
    • $348.45 Early Bird, $437.00 Standard after 21 August
  • MOU Partner Rate
    • $296.70 Early Bird, $371.45 Standard after 21 August

Sponsorship Opportunities

NZORC is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business to vocational consultants and career professionals who may wish to use or recommend your products and services in their practice, or perhaps they may wish to come and work for your team? Get in touch if you'd like to learn more - ndm@cdanz.org.nz