New videos of job profiles from TEC.

TEC is creating a range of new videos of job profiles for the job profile page of Careers NZ and also have these available on their YouTube channel and for Tahatū.

We are sure they will be a useful tool for our members and for their clients to use as a resource for gaining more insight around different careers, jobs and some of the skills and things they do in the job

The Tahatū digital team are also creating more videos and a new batch will be created in the next few weeks, so it is constantly evolving.

Here are a sample of some of the video's that are linked to job profiles in the Careers NZ website:

· Restaurant manager

· Baker

· Chemical engineer

· Concreter

· Barber

· Occupational Therapist

· Musician

· Midwife

· Butcher

· Boat Builder

· Signmaker

· Financial Adviser

· Marketing Manager

· Mechanical Engineer

· Physiotherapist

· Secondary School Teacher

· Sports Person

· Freight Handler and Stevedore

· Chemist

· Communications Professional

· Electrical Engineer

· Fine Artist

· Gardener

· Architect

· Chef

· Civil Engineer

· Electrician

· General Practitioner (GP)

· Graphic Designer

· Music Therapist on the Diversional Therapist page

· Web Developer