Excellence in career development across diverse fields of practice through sustainability, professionalism, and advocacy - for all New Zealanders.

CDANZ is the professional body for career development practice in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We offer our members and New Zealanders a collective identity for the profession. Our Professional Standards articulate our commitment to maintaining a high level of trust, integrity, and service.

CDANZ works to champion policies which lead to the enhancement of career development in New Zealand. We collaborate with aligned associations and the international career development community to offer support, research, and mechanisms that are mutually beneficial to the profession.

CDANZ strives to follow the partnership principles as outlined in Te Tiriti O Waitangi.

Our three-fold mission is:

  • Professionalism in career practice by growing a recognised industry we are proud of, and by articulating sound practice. To do this we are dedicated to enhancing professional standards through providing a competency framework and relevant professional development for our members.
  • Advocacy for the value of career development. We promote the professionalism of CDANZ and its members to New Zealanders and the education, business and government sectors.
  • Sustainability through a visible professional presence. We maintain a healthy organisation and infrastructure that supports itself financially, administratively and culturally. We cultivate mutually supportive alliances and networks, and maintain a robust and workable Constitution.