Event Details

Join our friends at Divergenthinking as they welcome CDANZ members to attend their series of events.

DivergenThinking - is bringing the global Neurodiversity Celebration Week to New Zealand, Aotearoa.

The Neurodiversity Celebration Week is an annual global initiative that challenges stereotypical views about neurological differences.

A key part of the initiative is to break down the barriers on how people with Neurodiversities are perceived and supported by giving schools, universities, and organisations the tools to recognise the many advantages and talents of being Neurodiverse, while creating more inclusive and equitable communities where differences are celebrated and individuals are empowered.

By challenging the traditional frameworks productivity and potential is supercharged and the outcomes speak for themselves.

We are here to support and provide the tools for change. Join us, DivergenThinking Natasya Jones and Anton Ashcroft.


About the session:

We will be focusing on the following with Natasya and Anton joining our panel to talk about:

- Building awareness on how Neurodiversity brings a competitive edge to business.

- Providing a platform to highlight how Neurodiverse sensitive approaches can benefit everyone and in doing so improves productivity and innovation and mental wellbeing.

- Bringing awareness to the importance of developing a lifelong strengths approach to Neurodiversity and neurodiversity.

Guest Panel – Sir Peter Leitch, Suzanne Cookson CE ADHD NZ, Justine Davies Therapy Services Manager Youthline


Register to join this free session, and check out our other free sessions, that we are holding over the course of the week.