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  • Online, Canada

The webinars offer a range of valuable tools for professionals to pass along to clients in their career development journey.This event may be recordedThis event may be livestreamed

Overview of the webinar series Motivation is the most important driver behind achieving goals. If someone is not motivated, they achieve very little – or nothing at all. Perhaps the greatest gift we can offer others (and ourselves) is the extra push that can make all the difference: targets that may now be reached and dreams that can be realized. Developing the skills to motivate others is not a mysterious game of chance – rather, new research from the field of psychology reveals how we can help others to work more enthusiastically towards their goals and remain focused even when obstacles appear. The skills involved include the kind of questions we ask (and the way we ask them), the insights we offer, the way we show up ourselves and the way we encourage others to think. These skills are subtle – but vitally important – for you to help others achieve the success they seek.

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