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Exploring the lived experience of Pacific youth in shaping their career

How to build a culturally responsive career practice exploring the lived experience of Pacific youth.

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Thu., 11 August 2022

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm AEST


Online event

About this event

This webinar will look at the research of “How to build a culturally responsive career practice” exploring the lived experience of Pacific youth in shaping their entry into their careers whilst negotiating the dual expectations of self and community in the backdrop of the Pacific diaspora in South Auckland.

Furthermore, an investigation and insight into the role of existing career practitioners supporting the career pathways of Pacific youth in South Auckland. Whilst, unpacking South Auckland's cultural, political, social, and historical landscape in playing a significantly influential role in Pacific youth's career decisions and aspirations.

The Australian Pacific family may differ in location and historical narrative from New Zealand, but the migrant story and the diasporic Pacific communities share similar aspirations and social norms that shape the career pathways of Australian Pacific youth.

The presentation is a journey into the evolution of Peter's aspiration to infuse Pacific indigeneity into the foundation of his career development practice BrownTale.

Peter will emphasise why and how the Pacific community's value of collaboration, communalism, constructive interdependence and the underlying virtue of service are extremely important when engaging in career management and development with the Pacific community.

Peter will give an insight into the Pacific & Māori cultural competency frameworks such as Tapasā used in Education for educators when teaching Pacific students, Fonofale & Te whare tapa whā frameworks used by health professionals in the health sector which helped mould "Le Niu".

A career framework that draws from constructivism and narrative theories to help form a culturally responsive careers framework when working with young Pacific students.

Professional Standards Competency - Career Development Theory, Diversity and Inclusion,

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