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At its core, a career or the pattern of work-related experiences, is a calling that enables individuals to find meaning for their life. Diversity dimensions intersect and can include, age, appearance, disability, ethnicity, gender, indigeneity, migration, religion, sexuality. Diversity, inclusion and equity involve a choreographed tango with an orchestra of difference and commonality to synchronise beautiful music.

Dichotomies, hierarchies, hegemonies, marginalisation and discrimination are terms associated with diversity, but so too are recognition, affirmation, empathy, creativity and compassion – a world between worlds that this session will explore.

Edwina Pio the first Professor of Diversity in Aotearoa/New Zealand, works at the Auckland University of Technology and is University Director of Diversity and an elected as a Councillor to the governing body of the university. A Fulbright alumna, recipient of a Duke of Edinburgh Fellowship and the Royal Society Te Rangi Hiroa medal, Edwina is a thought leader and knowledgeable interpreter in the area of diversity in business, communities and education and is widely published. She is on a ministerial advisory group Kāpuia, and on the panel for the Royal Society Rutherford Discovery Fellowship.

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