Your Curriculum Vitae should contain the following headings and information:

Career Summary

  • Provide here a paragraph that briefly describes your career history and key highlights

Professional Memberships (if applicable)

  • List here professional memberships (example: CDANZ, HRINZ)
  • Please specify membership level (example: Full Member MCDANZ)

Education / Qualifications

This should highlight your most relevant qualifications

  • The most recent and relevant first
  • All completed and accredited tertiary qualifications, certificates

Recent Career History

  • Cover the positions you have held for the past 5-10 years. If you have work experience you consider significant going back further than 10 years, include this.
  • Also include dates of employment and information about how you have added value to your employers and key projects.

Relevant Training Attended

  • Relevant to your career practice

Publications (if you have published)

  • Academic publications
  • Articles (magazines, newspapers, websites)
  • Books
  • Professional journal articles